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How to Prevent a Vape Film On Your Windscreen/Windshield

If you're an avid vaper like us, you will have noticed a film of vape residue build up on your windscreen, impairing your vision. What causes an oily film to form on your windows is vaping vegetable glycerine, also known as VG, so how do you prevent it?

Prevent vapour residue buildup

Well, you might think the easiest solution is to simply open the window but if you live in the UK, you know that isn't always a possibility due to the weather. Or you could not smoke in your car at all, but we all love a vape on our daily commute.

At Antivape, we came up with the perfect solution, the Vape Repellent, the first of his name. Once applied to your windows, it will prevent vape residue buildup for at least 3 months. We still recommend you open a window whilst vaping to your car, as vape may block your field of view.

How to apply the Vape Repellent

  • Clean your windows using a degreasing window cleaner, if it's just a light film, hot soapy water will do.
  •  Dry your windows using a clean microfibre cloth.
  • Apply the Vape Repellent on to a microfibre cloth sparsely and wipe on to your window/windscreen in a circular motion
  • Allow to dry
  • Remove excess with a dry cloth
  • Reapply for better results

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